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People from different cultures and traditions have been using herbs and spices for centuries, to enhance the flavor and taste of what they eat and drink. Not only do they consider fulfilling their desire for taste, these spices and herbs have been chosen for healing purposes, as well. Men’s curiosity of extracting the maximum out of these herbs, lead them to discover what we now call herbal tea.

Herbal tea has uncountable advantages to health. Latest scientific research, along with its acceptance in many traditions, has made this drink famous all over the world. From personal health benefits to creating social ties, herbal tea has become an important part of life. It is commonly known to provide relaxation, reduce stress and calm nerves, but it has much more to offer. Several different kinds of herbal tea have been discovered with unique powers and potential to fight against life-threatening viruses and infections.

The information about herbs and medicines passed from one generation to another. This transfer of information added more benefits for our physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and social health, and it continues to grow even faster, thanks to modern scientific research!

Different species of herbal tea and their benefits are mentioned below: 
Elderflower herbal tea is a conventional remedy for cold. As a useful decongestant, elderflower cleanses nasal passages and prevents mucous. It generates sweat and raises body temperature, making it unable for viruses to breed.

Lemon verbena is a herbal tea widely used in France. It has properties similar to citrus that help break down fats. Because of these properties, people use it to loose or maintain their weight.

To prevent infections in early stages, ginger tea can be used to promote fever and recover quickly. The herbal tea has warming effects of ginger that widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the body. In this way, the herbal tea provides relief to pain and aches.

Nettle is a British herb which is rich in minerals. It contains calcium, iron, and silica. It implies that a herbal tea made of nettle produces red blood cells, and helps build bones, teeth, and hair.

Chamomile is an effective treatment of insomnia. It is used in the manufacturing of many tea blends, specific for sleeping. It contains an amino acid known as tryptophan which helps the body to relax and promote sleep.

Many people use green tea regularly, and they are observed to have a well-maintained body and glowing skin. This is because of green tea leaves that strengthen tissue cells in the body and help prevent the body from aging. Rich in antioxidant, green tea compounds provides protection to the cells from being damaged.

Fennel is an anti-spasmodic herb that relaxes intestinal muscles and helps overcome constipation, flatulence, and colic. This herbal tea is a good detoxification agent that promotes urination. In this way, the body is properly cleansed and the skin gets fresh.

These are just the glimpse of what herbal tea can do to your body. If you are looking for a perfect nutritious solution for weight loss, there is no better alternative than herbal tea.