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The secret to a happier and a healthier life is not exactly a secret. Sometimes, we look at fitness models in the magazines and it just startles us on how somebody could be so perfect. What’s more surprising for us is, they are not just fit, and they are also successful. After all, if somebody is on the cover of a magazine, they got to be famous and successful. So is it a really difficult thing to accomplish? Well, the answer is, NO. It is no rocket science to be fit and successful. We all know what we need to do to get there but we just don’t pay too much attention. Those who do, find themselves on the magazine covers. Let us stress the obvious and see what needs to be done in order to be fit and successful.

1. Eat Healthy : This may sound cliché to a lot of people but this is perhaps the most important thing in leading a happy and a healthy life. Our eating habits have gone out of the window. How many times do you see moms taking their children to fast food restaurants after school? If that’s what we are going to feed our kids and ourselves too, we shouldn’t be complaining about our tummies hanging out of our pants. Feeding bad things to out body isn’t only going to damage our health but our mind too. In order to stay healthy, we need to change our eating habits. There are lots of delicious healthy foods you can make at home or buy from stores. Eat healthily and live a healthy life which is a key to success.

2. Exercise : So, you want to be like one of those fitness models? One thing you will hear from every famous model is that they work out. Cardio or weight lifting, it is all beneficial. Cardio, in particular, has plenty of advantages. It is extremely good for your lungs as it becomes extremely efficient in providing oxygen to your tissues. It helps increase your endurance and one of the best things about doing cardio is it helps you get rid of the excess fat on your body. Weight lifting, on the other hand, has its advantages too; it gives men the muscular physique the need to become a model and gives women those curves that every modeling agency looks for. Exercising is also a great anti-depressant, it helps you get rid of stress and gives you that positive attitude that you need to become successful in life.

3. Get your Vitamins : Another important thing to look after is your vitamin intake. While working out will give your body in shape, vitamins are extremely essential for your skin, hair and keeping you away from diseases. It makes your skin glow and has anti-aging properties. The best sources to take vitamins are fruits and vegetables. Besides that, some vitamins tablets are also available in the market which is also a great source. A great skin will enhance your looks, which will give you lots of confidence.